New Discovery School Tuition and Fees 2022-23

Tuition (Contract for the school year Sept 9 – June 8)
3’s & 4’s Classes (Mon-Thurs) $11,205 per annum
5’s Class (Mon-Fri) $13,151 per annum
Friday Care (Fun Friday) — billed as used (non-contract)
Available to children in the 3’s & 4’s Classes (8am-1pm) $45 per day
Afternoon Care — billed as used (non-contract)
Available to all enrolled children Monday-Friday (1:15-5:30pm) $10.50 per hour

Contract Tuition is billed beginning July 1. Parents may select a payment plan of paying the tuition in full on July 1 or paying in 9 or 11 equal payments beginning July 1. The non refundable deposit paid the previous spring is deducted from the total annual tuition and the balance is divided accordingly. Tuition is subject to annual increases.

Friday Care and After School Care are billed at the end of each month beginning in September (as used) and are not included in the contract tuition rate.

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available and determined after the admissions process has concluded. Please request financial aid consideration when submitting your application. We typically devote our ‘Raise the Paddle’ Funds from our annual auction toward tuition assistance.

Please note: While the tuition for the 2023-24 school year has not been set, typically, tuition cost increases by 3% each year.