New Discovery School is committed to a child centered community where learning encompasses the whole child; socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

We celebrate the unique learning styles of each child by offering activities and projects that will engage and challenge while also providing success. Children are naturally creative and curious; our goal is to encourage, support, and provide numerous opportunities for children to explore and wonder.

The teachers collaborate to create their own curricula based on their students' interests and developmental needs. In addition, we use an empathy/conflict resolution skills training program called Second Step.

Through the use of Second Step and the teachers' daily guidance, NDS students learn to recognize and communicate their own feelings, respect others' feelings, exhibit self control, resolve conflicts, and show kindness and inclusiveness. Children move on from NDS feeling confident in their ability to navigate many different social settings.

At the beginning of the year, our students are placed in classes based on age and social-emotional development. The children remain with the same teachers throughout the school year. With low teacher/student ratios in each class, children feel emotionally safe and bond closely with their classmates and teachers.

As the year progresses, we introduce merges where children move between classrooms for various activities. The 3’s and 4’s have weekly merges for their age groups. Once or twice a month we have all school merges, which allow children the opportunity to participate in activities throughout the building, gaining confidence in navigating larger spaces, interacting with children in other classes, and strengthening a sense of community.


There are two groups of three year olds, each with ten children and two teachers.


There are three groups of children who are four years old or will be four by December. Each of these classes has twelve children with two teachers.


There is one group of children who are five years old or will be five by January. This class has eighteen children with three teachers.