In the morning program, children have weekly Creative Movement, Sign Language, and Music (5’s class). Music class is every other week in the 3’s, and for the 4’s classes. Music/Art is weekly for a third of the year. Our art specialist works with the 3’s and 5’s who stay for the aftercare program.


Elise Aney guides children as they explore colors, shapes, and composition in our Art Studio. She provides them with different media and topics to aid in their expression, critical thinking, and experimentation. During each session the children will not only gain confidence in their own abilities, they will gain an appreciation and insight regarding the abilities and viewpoints of those around them. Throughout the program Elise will work to impart each child with the independence and tools they need to translate their emotions, stories, experiences, and ideas creatively whether it be working independently or in collaboration with their peers.


Bret Ellerton combines movement with sound exploration as a means to teaching the children the basics of rhythm, pitch, tempo, volume, and song writing. Children not only create their own songs and recordings, but also explore various instruments from around the world and make their own.

Creative Movement

Eric Johnson's lessons are a mixture of learning dance and choreography techniques, learning the fundamentals of movement for movement efficiency, studying functional anatomy (how our bones, muscles, and alignment work), and, most especially important, learning the skills of creativity (developing and trying ideas, choosing the best and creating with them) and the real-life skills of working with partners and teams.

American Sign Language

Nicki Mason teaches the children basic ASL signs and phrases through games and stories. Learning ASL is fun, taps into the natural kinesthesia of young children and strengthens cognitive skills. It is also a great way to gain cultural awareness and acceptance of diversity.

In addition to our specialists, the classroom teachers offer weekly cooking/baking experiences. We also have a garden for planting and harvesting our own food.