Children gain confidence and independence when they feel they are valued members of a community. We build community within the classrooms, but also extend it to include parents and siblings. We invite and encourage families to participate in various school activities throughout the year.

At School

We begin our day with an all school song circle, which includes all teachers and students, as well as many parents, siblings, and sometimes even extended family and friends.

Parents are invited to volunteer when they can: driving on field trips, reading stories, sharing hobbies, supporting the teachers during rest time, tidying up the library, and helping with other basic school needs.

Once a month, we have a morning café at school for parents to visit with one another after song circle.

Beyond School

Parent get-togethers, with and without the children, take place throughout the year in both formal and informal ways. Potluck dinners, brunches, and Moms' or Dads' Nights Out are organized by parents and help keep everyone connected.

Our annual spring auction is another way for parents to meet and help the school at the same time. Their hard work pays off with a big party/auction where current and alumni parents celebrate and show their support for NDS.


Excellent communication is a key to a strong community. Parents and teachers stay connected through notes, meetings, phone calls, and email. We have a secured parent website where teachers can upload photos and details about classroom and school activities. Parents, even those with very demanding schedules, are able to stay in touch with what their children are experiencing in the classroom.

Twice a year, we schedule time for teacher/parent conferences to discuss their child's developmental progress.